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From The Desk Of Alexis Goode,

Biochemist, Medical Researcher and Former Sufferer Of Excessively Sweaty Hands

Dear Friend,

Is the sweat that constantly drips from your hands affecting your daily life?

  • Do you dread meeting new people?
  • Avoid dating?
  • Go into a state of terror over the thoughts of an interview?
  • Ruin things you touch with your sweating hands?
  • Do you have a hard time writing and holding things?
  • Given up the thoughts of trying to play an instrument well?

Most importantly, does this problem occupy your thoughts, affect your decisions and take up valuable space in your brain?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above then you were in the same position that I was in. I feel your pain and I know the suffering that you are going through. Excessively sweaty palms also interfered with my daily life to the stage where I was obsessed with my problem. I thought about my hands ALL THE TIME.

Unless you suffer from  or have suffered from excessively sweaty hands, you will not understand the extent of the psychological effects of this problem.

Today could be the most important day of your life! If you are ready to take control of your problem and you are committed to finding a cure for your sweaty hands, then I have the solution that you have been searching for…

You Do Not Have To Allow This Problem Ruin Your Life!

If you have been searching for a cure for your sweating hands then look no further.

With minimal effort and cost you can now be one of those people that you envy. You will become confident and happy. You will not have to worry about social situations where you are forced to shake a hand, you  can go on a date without having your sweaty palms on your mind constantly.

You will be transformed from a sweating mess into a confident success!!

Thank You So Much!!
Hi Alexis, I just picked up a copy of your method a few days ago and I put it into action.

My hands are not sweating anymore and my life has changed for the best.

I just want to thank you for providing such an easy to implement yet effective solution to my problem.

Sharon Burke

My Hands Are Now Completely Dry!!
I just wanted to write a quick note to thank you Alexis. Your system is revolutionary and I can truly say that it changed my life. I have even started a blog for people with sweaty palms and I refer everyone here so they can have the same success that I did.

Your method is hugely effective yet cheap and easy to implement.

I just want to let anyone that is on the wall about this know that it is worth the money!

Thank you again Alexis,




Can You Imagine What Your Life Will Be Like When Your Hands Are Permanently Dry?

  • You will no longer feel the anxiety that you do about your sweaty palms.
  • You will be able to enter social situations confidently because you will no longer have to worry about peoples reactions to your sweaty hands.
  • Your confidence will soar through the roof.
  • You will be able to date freely without having to fear holding hands and other intimate touches.
  • You will never again have to deal will the intense embarrassment that you currently feel when the sweat from your hands makes visible prints that others can see.

I can tell you from personal experience that a life free from sweaty hands is so much better than a life in which you have to deal with sweaty hands all of the time.

And guess what………

You are important and you deserve to live a life free from the interference of sweaty palms.

It is time to make yourself a priority and improve your quality of life and I can show you how to.

I wrote a guide called “The Ultimate Cure For Sweaty Hands”.

This guide will show exactly what to do to stop your palms sweating. It is simple, it is quick and most of all, once you stop the sweating, your hands will stay dry. You will not have to worry about the sweat returning at all. This method will not fail when you enter a stressful situation, it will not fail when you are about to shake hands or hold hands or enter an interview. This method will change your life!

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I am charging $27 $9.95 for “The Ultimate Cure For Sweaty Hands”. In a perfect world, I would distribute it without cost but this cost is to cover the hundreds of dollars that it is currently costing to keep this website on the internet.

Let me tell you a bit about my story and what led me to find a way to cure sweaty palms and why I am so passionate about helping others to cure their sweating hands.

My name is Alexis Goode and I too suffered from palms that dripped sweat uncontrollably. My problem started when I was 19 and in college. I was studying Biochemistry. That was my major.

At first I blamed the excessive sweat on the stress of college. I thought it was because of my upcoming exams and the anxiety that I was feeling so I did not take any action and I just presumed that the problem would solve itself. I used to have to change my lab gloves all the time because I would sweat all over the ones that I was wearing. I frequently drenched paper that I touched and I had a hard time holding onto pens to write.

The summer of that year when my hands did not stop sweating, I started to get worried and I scheduled a visit with my doctor. She diagnosed me with Palmar Hyperhidrosis and suggested that I purchase some antiperspirant for my hands to help with the sweat. The antiperspirant worked minimally but my hands still sweated when I entered stressful situations.

I ended up withdrawing into myself. I started to avoid seeing friends, rarely dated for fear of people seeing my sweating hands and being disgusted by them. I can honestly say that I truly did not enjoy my college experience at all.

When college finished and it was time to get a job, that is when the huge anxiety began to set in. This is also the point that I decided that I was not going to let this problem hold me back any further. I booked another appointment with my doctor and this is what I learned:

You can either go down the surgical route or non-surgical route.

I have to say that surgery was not really an option for me. So what were my options??

  • Oral Medication: BUT None of the drugs have been designed to treat sweating hands specifically! For this reason, use of these drugs will have undesired side-effects such as memory loss, dry mouth, blurred vision, urine retention and nausea. These side-effects, will make the use of drugs to treat sweating hands, difficult. These medications may also stop sweat from being produced at all by the body. If you are active then you need to watch your body temperature are the sweat will not be produced to cool you down and activity could end up being fatal.

  • Topical Creams/Gels: These worked to a certain extent but it is expensive to keep buying more and they also can fail when you need them the most.

  • Botox: This method would only be an option if I could afford it. It is also supposed to be very painful.

  • Ionotophoresis: Supposed to be the best method to treat sweaty hands but the machines are expensive.

So you can see that there were options but  they were either not good options, not completely effective or just not an option because of the cost.

I was determined not to give in and I kept searching for a cure for sweaty hands. I looked further into Iontophoresis, the theory behind it and I experimented with building my own machine at home.

To my surprise, a week after I built my own Iontophoresis machine and implemented it, my hands were completely dry! I did not know whether this was fluke or not so I found a few other people that suffered from excessively sweaty palms and I got them to try it out also. They had the exact same results! The sweating completely dried up in their hands..

I have written up a complete guide about how you too can build your own machine and cure your sweaty palms also. This guide is title “The Ultimate Cure For Sweaty Hands” and if you want dry hands in a week then you should get a copy.

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“The Ultimate Cure For Sweaty Hands” Truly Changed My Life..

Before I implemented this systems, I used to let my sweaty palms problem stand in the way of my life. I would never get myself into a social situation, where I potentially may have to shake hands, so I never met anyone new.

All my friends were in relationships and settling down but I was too afraid to meet anyone. When I decided enough was enough, I came online and found this system. Shortly after my hands were dry. I started to go out and meet new people and now I finally have met that special someone.

I would have never met her if I did not use your sytem and get rid of my sweaty palms.

Thank you!

Jackon Penrose

“The Ultimate Cure For Sweaty Hands” is:

  • Easy to implement – My young daughter is able to do it!
  • Extremely Effective – Think super dry hands.
  • Inexpensive – It only costs a few dollars at the local hardware store to purchase all of the items that you need.
  • Quick and seemingly effortless – All you have to do is commit to a few minutes a day for the next week to see the results that you desire!

Finally you can be free of this problem that has been holding you back!

You can finally stop dreading social situations, start looking forward to meeting new people, start dating, confidently go into an interview, not have to worry about ruining what you touch with your sweating hands.

You will finally be able to do all of the things that your infliction has stopped you from doing!!

Are you excited? What are you waiting for???

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